Smets engines overhaul and dieselservice.

Your reliable overhaul and dieselservice at Sint-truiden, Limburg.

HATZ Belgium dealer

Hatz Belgium Dealer is part of Smets Motoren bv. Since 1/1/2020 the dealer of Hatz diesel engines for Belgium and Luxembourg.

You can also contact us for all maintenance, repair or overhaul of your Hatz engines. Intervention on site is also possible.

We have a large stock of spare parts, as well as exchange engines. With more than 45 years of experience in diesel engines, Smets engines / Hatz Belgium is the right place for you.

"We always aim high"- Philip Smets

If the engine is worn or defect, it isn’t an issue for us, we make sure that everything is new like before, also visually and mechanically.

Because this reason we realize an economic added value and this is also a surplus for the environment.

‘Remanufacturing’ is recycling in his purest form, because we give a created product a completely new life cycle. Sustainability is one of our priorities, especially to customers and staff. We expect from our staff that they take initiatives by themselves and also follow the innovations in our industry. They get the necessary independence and recognition as return, so we make a strong and faithful team. Also with our customers we build together a long term relationship. Our service-oriented solutions are essential. This keeps the engine rolling!