Cylinder heads

A cylinder head is not only the most advanced part of the engine, but also the most revised.
Smets engines has high-tech sets to finalize each project.


The revising of cylinder heads is subject by a very specific process.
1) Cleaning and scrubbing the cylinder head
2) Disassemble the camshafts, tappets, valve springs and valves
3) Decarbonisation and removing tarnish and encrusted remainders
4)Extorting the cylinder head under a working temperature of 90 degrees Celsius
5) Cleaning the valves
6) Replacing the valve guides
7) Replacing the valve seats and milling them
8) Cutting valves
9) Thoroughly cleaning
10) Dis assembly the cylinder head; assemble valves, valve seals, valve springs, lifters, camshaft, seals, etc.
11) Test the valve tightness using a vacuumtest
12) The head is ready to mount

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