Engine block

Also belongs the overhaul of complete engine blocks to our services. Below you will find a short procedure that we apply.


The method depends on the type of engine block.


-Disassemble all the parts.
-Notice any damage.
-The cleaning happens only with recognized products.
-After cleaning we can easier recognize the smaller damage.
-Wear forms by the up-and downward movement.
-The consequence is the wear of the cylinder.
-The diameter of the cylinder is read in all possible directions.
-The block is set very exactly to obtain the correct drilling line.
- The only drilling of the cylinders is not sufficient for a good functioning of the piston and its feathers.
- Hoon stones perform two movements at the same time. (up and down + turning) on our vertical hoon bank.
- This creates a crosshatch pattern, of which the corner depends on the block..
- This step depends on many factors (speed, lateral pressure, material of the stones and equipment of the block.)
- So get the correct gauge to one hundredth of a millimetre.
- Only if the wear is too big relative to the largest available excess of the piston.
- The Cylinder liner or also called "liner".
- The procedure is depending on the type of block.
- If the block is warped to.
- This must be applied if the crankshafts has been cut and/or new main bearings put into use.
- The goal is to obtain a straight axis of rotation.
- Much simpler than line drilling.
- Only possible in specific cases.
- Hoon stones are used as cutting material.

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